viola crayfish

relegation - first vinyl

Viola Crayfish "relegation"
5 Track 12" vinyl + download code on - relegation

Besser Scheitern bsvc001

Besser Scheitern

The early 90s track "Besser Scheitern" appears on "The Sound of Leamington Spa - German Edition"

Firestation Records FST 165


viola crayfish - far out

Released 2013 with rerecordings of 'june field' and 'love is more than weather' as demo now Besser Scheitern catalogue.
bsvc002 far-out

about the band

The band was formed in 1987 by Stefan Klauner, Folker Eckebrecht, Bernd Vogel and Lars Vogel in the hinterland south of Bremen in the north-west of Germany. The main influence might have been „The Velvet Underground“, the Postcard „Sound of Young Scotland“ – and of cause all kinds of other music. But always in order to write another – and hopefully better – popsong as the one before. Which sometimes went quite well and other times not as good. All was done under the D.I.Y. concept with great amounts of not knowing too much but getting better all the time.





Lars Vogel